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Our relentless enthusiasm for learning and discovering new fields and acquiring knowledge about unknown subjects and transferring them into professional habits has always been the thriving factor of our curiosity. Due to the variety of personal and cross-functional professional expertise, furthermore our autodidactic ability understanding different contents makes us feel confident being the right choice for your search.

Throughout out our professional consulting journey we had the chance and the tasks to gain in-depth knowledge and to collect various experiences in management, international business development, in institutional banking and investment banking, furthermore about  almost  all automotive sector related tasks and duties. Competencies and habits from our entrepreneurial challenges in management and business consulting, also project management, in the context of linking cross-industry and cross-cultural processes, have formed the backbone of MuratBoylu ConsulThink.

Based on our understanding and perception of risk management and the correctness of any process, as well as our commitment to our tasks provide the basis of our understanding for business development and their transformation into newer business strategies.

Our affinity for technology and distinctive analytic rationalism shapes our focus to digital transformation and its eco-systems.

Linking expertise from different industries enable us to identify hidden value creation potentials and open up new perspectives with suitable marketing and sales strategies for service providers and manufacturing companies. We believe in sharing the know how we have collected over the years with our clients and interested personalities. Knowledge transfer through in-class or online trainings especially digital transformation, design thinking, creative business solutions are essential contents.

Due to our purposeful nature, we are confident that we will fit into the key role for establishing new business strategies and their development, as well as in product placements and market entry assignments by focussing quality assurance and customer satisfaction for international acting companies.

We look forward to meeting you either personally or online to talk more about the range of services and the potential of our contribution to your organization.

Murat Boylu
Managing Director 

Boylu, born 1968 in Turkey, grew up in Germany. He has graduated in Business Administration and Economics.


He found his passion for finance and banking already at the beginning his study. Boylu worked in the European Head Quarters of T.C. Emlak Bankası A.Ş. in Frankfurt/Main between 1992-1996. In 1996 Boylu completed his study and started to work in the investment banking department of Commerzbank AG formerly known as CFP, in the financial derivatives trading department.

Boylu established in 2001 a start-up as co-founder the DVM Capital AG Financial Investment Company in Frankfurt am Main. In his position as Chief Investment Officer (CIO), he was responsible for investment strategies and risk management. 


Boylu changed in 2003 with Daimler AG into the automotive sector. He was directly involved in different projects for Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. in Istanbul and had management positions in different departments such as Dealer Management, After Sales, Central Warehouse Management, Governmental Truck Sales, Export Logistics Management, Sales Training Management until end of 2011.

End of 2011 Boylu got hired as sales director by one of the major body building companies in Turkey, where he developed the export business and became Chief Operation Officer (COO).

Since 2017 is Boylu Manageing Director of MuratBoylu ConsulThink in Istanbul.

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